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With over 64 years of experience, H. Kuntzler manufactures several styles of shoes, lady's dress shoes, boots, sandals, scarpins, men's and woman's tennis shoes, handbags, backpacks, clutches, wallets, belts and accessories, for both domestic market and export.

Clients in over 50 countries supplied, with emphasis to: USA, France, Russia, UK, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, with products that overflow in quality in every detail.

The company upholds a greatly qualified labor force and high levels of automation in the processes, trough constant investments in technology.

64 years of H. Kuntzler

H. Kuntzler's history commences when its founder, Herberto Kuntzler begins his career in shoemaking at 13 years old, having as teacher his father, Fernando Kuntzler. Beyond the inspiration from his father, he had the vision and the will to build something new.


With entrepreneurial blood flowing in his veins, in January 2nd of 1956, at 25 years of age, Herberto establishes the company, having as partner Benjamin Motiska. The business was named, at the time, Calçados Benjamin. In three years' time, the firm would change its name to H. Kuntzler.


At this time, the company's focus was on children shoes, commercializing it's product on neighboring towns. As years gone by, Herberto and Benjamin extended the customer base, expanding the business to the whole Porto Alegre metropolitan area and the southern regions of the state. In 1959, the company furthers its development and builds the first industrial plant, making a thousand pairs per day. In 1966, Benjamin leaves the partnership.


From 1973 on, the company begins production for foreign markets. Manufacture focus shifts from kids' to woman dress shoes. The domestic market, stricken by crisis, opens space for exports - first for Puerto Rico, and then for United States and Germany - carrying Herberto's dream forward. 


Following years bring gradual expansion: new industrial plants are installed and the productive capacity of the company increases. The incessant search for new technologies and the persistence in process improvements hasten the company's growth and help overcome the sector crisis. While the 90's brought the once great Vale do Rio dos Sinos region to its knees, seeing many of its enterprises shutting down operations, H. Kuntzler saw fit to quickly adapt to the new challenges.


In 2006, the company returned to the domestic market, forming solid partnerships with luxury brands from Brazil, and re-inserting itself as a major shoes supplier to the Brazilian market. The firm continued its expansion, aiming to improve its capabilities, solidifying partnerships with its clients and suppliers, developing a sustainable business chain and increasing its productivity to become a major player both at the domestic and global markets. 


In 2011, the company invests in its first handbag and accessories productive plant. Initially fabricating only for the domestic market, the plant, situated in Dois Irmãos, produced only about 50 units per day during its first year in operation. In 2013, the factory starts to export these products, suppling the globe with handbags, backpacks, belts, wallets and accessories, expanding its businesses even further.  


Today, the company own three productive plants. The headquarters are situated in Dois Irmãos, and the other two branches are located in Sapiranga and Santa Maria do Herval. Over 1.200 direct employees and at least 2.000 indirect people are employed in achieving a production of 9.500 pairs of shoes and 1.000 units of handbags and accessories per day. 


Develop, produce and commercialize fashion articles with quality, agility and reliability, enchanting clients, valuing the workforce and respecting the environment.  


To remain at the forefront of fashion trends and consolidate itself as a leader in quality, in shoes, bags and accessories, until the year 2025.


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